Securely and accurately move your distributed data at unprecedented speeds

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Flume is an advanced file transfer and synchronization tool that significantly accelerates data transfers across global networks. Flume’s patented protocol provides 5-100x acceleration on challenged connections, and infinite acceleration where traditional TCP/IP connections fail.


Flume uses industry standard algorithms to ensure that literally every bit of transmitted data is accurate – guaranteeing, even in the most challenged network environments, that mission critical data is sent quickly and accurately.


Flume includes a suite of data efficiency and security features: advanced data synchronization; configurable encryption and compression. By supporting industry encryption standards, Flume ensures your data arrives quickly and securely.

Thoroughly tested methods


Flume has passed thousands of tests over many months by commercial and military customers proving Flume’s ability to securely deliver assured data acceleration and providing the ability to successfully move data in even the most challenged of networking conditiong.

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What is Flume’s architecture?

Flume is a client-server software solution. Flume does not require any special network hardware. Flume runs on standard and virtual Windows and Linux machines with one machine required on each end of a desired connection.
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What speeds can Flume achieve on my network?

Flume has continually been proven to leverage all available bandwidth - while being respectful to concurrent network traffic. A given network's characteristics (bandwith, congestion, distance) will determine the actual acceleration potential, but Flume has consistently proven to provide acceleration benefits as data is sent outside the local area network.
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