Optimize Your GDSII Stream Files:

Reduce Their Size by up to 99% Without Compression

What is GDSII Optimization?

Bantam optimizes GDSII by reading a GDSII Stream file and outputting a GDSII Stream file that is functionally equivalent, yet smaller. Typically, Bantam reduces the size of GDSII Stream files by 50% to 98%.

Bantam is used by some of the largest IC design firms in North America, Asia and Europe to speed their design flow and significantly reduce the time to market of new devices.

Benefits of Bantam Optimization

Drastically reduces the footprint of GDSII Stream files
Reduces the time required to copy or transmit GDSII Stream files
Reduces the time required to read GDSII Stream files into IC design and verification tools
Significantly improves performance of some downstream applications
Speeds viewing and plotting of IC design files

Bantam Features

REDUCES FILE SIZE – Bantam restructures an input GDSII Stream file so that less space is
required to store the file.
ALWAYS ENSURES CORRECT OUTPUT – Bantam includes an internal checksum comparison to ensure 100% correctness and accuracy of its output data.
MAINTAINS FUNCTION EQUIVALENCY – Bantam writes a GDSII Stream file that is functionally identical to the input GDSII Stream file. The output file is point-for-point equivalent to the input file.
SPEED AND CAPACITY – Bantam can restructure the largest of GDSII Stream files in minutes.
VALID GDSII STREAM – Bantam reads and writes GDSII Stream version 6.0.

Bantam Provides:

• Faster file transmissions with
increased reliability
• Significant savings on network bandwidth
• Savings in archiving with no loss of time
for decompression
• Improved management and
infrastructure costs from smaller and
easier to handle data files.
• Faster run time on many post GDSII
• Speeds tape-out cycle time; improves
time to market
• Accelerates viewing and plotting
• Worry free archiving: Bantam-optimized
files are GDSII and will not become

White Papers

I’m worried that BANTAM will create an error in my design. What steps has Saratoga Data Systems taken to assure the accuracy of BANTAM?

Saratoga Design Systems maintains a test suite of more than 100 GDSII Stream files on which it rigorously tests BANTAM for accuracy. BANTAM is not released unless it successfully passes all tests. BANTAM endured a rigorous six month customer beta test period in which its accuracy was tested on hundreds more full chip GDSII Stream design. BANTAM’s accuracy was verified…
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What type of computer system does BANTAM require?

BANTAM runs on Linux x86 and Solaris SPARC 2 computer systems. BANTAM is tuned to run on “server” class computers and some “power user desktop” computers: at least 1GB of RAM, 2GB of virtual memory. A SPECint rating of 1000 or greater is highly desirable.
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