I’m worried that BANTAM will create an error in my design. What steps has Saratoga Data Systems taken to assure the accuracy of BANTAM?

Saratoga Design Systems maintains a test suite of more than 100 GDSII Stream files on which it rigorously tests BANTAM for accuracy. BANTAM is not released unless it successfully passes all tests. BANTAM endured a rigorous six month customer beta test period in which its accuracy was tested on hundreds more full chip GDSII Stream design. BANTAM’s accuracy was verified… read more →

What type of computer system does BANTAM require?

BANTAM runs on Linux x86 and Solaris SPARC 2 computer systems. BANTAM is tuned to run on “server” class computers and some “power user desktop” computers: at least 1GB of RAM, 2GB of virtual memory. A SPECint rating of 1000 or greater is highly desirable. read more →